Kingroon 3D Printer

Item No.: KP3S
Kingroon, a brand that comes to mind when it comes to single-armed DIY 3d printer KP3S. Except single-armed mini 3d printer, we also have LCD 3d printer.
Description Specifications

KP3S is a hot new 3d printer cause its single-armed design.  KP3S is aimed to 3d printing beginners, so there is nothing else in assembly, it is 95% pre-assembly. You just need to get the Z-axis hung up and tight 2 screws. And then put the lead screw. Just need only 5 minutes for assembling. And its printing size is 180*180*180mm. So it is smaller than the common 3d printers. 


180*180*180 mm forming size 
While the Kingroon KP3S is a compact 3d printer, the build volume is quite generous, it is 180*180*180 mm. It is enough for a lot of people.

Linear rails for X and Y
 Adding the linear rails gives the printer more accurate movements and it should also be able to print faster.

Direct  drive extruder 

The removable magnetic print surface 
Prints stick well to it and you can easily remove prints by "peeling" them off the print surface.

2.8-inch touchscreen


KP3S specifications
Printing Type FDM
Forming size 180*180*180mm
Printer Size 280*285*370mm
Packing size 400*390*200mm
Printer weight 7.5 KG
Hotbed temperature 110℃
Printing material PLA、WOOD、TPU、ABS、PETG
Printing speed 30-100mm/s
Support software Cura、Slicer、Repetier-Host
Support file STL/OBJ/Gcode
Interfaces USB/TIF card
Support system Windows xp.7.8.10/Mac/Linux
Product power 240W
Input voltage 110V-230V
Output voltage 24V15A360W